We come today with a series of tricks to sleep well at night. They are techniques and tips that will help you sleep better and, above all, not tossing and turning in bed looking for sleep. Some are well known, and others are the result of scientific studies.

As you will remember, a few months ago, we gave you a series of tips to buy the right bed for insomnia. This new article complements that one, and what we want is that, between one and the other, you have all the data to create your own guide to sleep well and fast and know the causes, treatment, and how to combat insomnia. Let’s see if we can help you that way!

Returning to today’s article, and as each one of us has our specific sleep problems, we have divided the tips and tricks to sleep well into three different areas or phases, so you can identify which is your case, and you can use the advice we give you to sleep well in your most critical scenario.

Sleep Tips and Tricks: Preparing for Sleep

1-Previous exercise

It is one of the tips that doctors spend the most when treating the problem of insomnia. A tiring day is a day spent. This maxim has a lot to do with this point, and it is that when our body feels tired, it demands rest, and we must take advantage of it.

Of course, we must take into account something … The first thing is that, if the exercise is burdensome and intense, we should not do it just before going to bed, because it will not benefit us at all to sleep well. Otherwise, if the exercise is light or we practice some stretching, we can do it in the minutes before going to bed.

2- Small quantity dinner

Like any motor or any mechanism, our body needs to be at rest to rest. If we eat much dinner or do it just before going to bed, we will consider that our digestive system continues to work. If we turn off the car when we leave it in the garage, our body also needs us to remove the key to sleep.

3- Take a shower

A slow, relaxing shower, without haste and preferably warm or hot, helps our body and mind release tension and begin to relax. We have talked about a shower, but the great option is to take a bath. It only has two problems. The first is that we are anticipating a possible drought, and bathing uses much water. The second is that it takes a long time to prepare and take a bath, so it should be left as advice to sleep on a Friday night or Saturday.

4- Have a hot drink

Bringing the body to a warm temperature helps it relax and begin to prepare its mechanism for rest. From hot milk (never very hot) to chamomile or … even tea! Unless you know that theine affects you, of course.

5- No smoking

There is a theory that, in addition to its addictive components, it is difficult to stop smoking because, having to breathe deeply and slowly to inhale the smoke, our brain thinks that we are relaxing, and that is why it makes us feel better. Whether it is true or not, in this case, we will pay more attention to the heart than to the brain.

When we smoke, our pulsations rise considerably (in some cases up to ten or fifteen beats per minute), and that, as you will understand, is the opposite effect that must be achieved to sleep well and fast.

6- Regular hours

We are animals of habit, and we know it. How many times has it happened to you that you wake up just before the alarm goes off? Some other, right? That is because our body is programmable (more than we think!) And if we get used to getting up at a certain time, it will begin to stretch as that time approaches.

In the same way, if we accustom our body and mind to always sleep at the same time, little by little, it will assume that schedule and will begin to prepare to sleep at the time we establish. Of course, we are not robots, and this is not mathematics.

7- Appropriate clothing

Another tip for sleeping well and fast is to wear suitable clothing. It seems silly, right? Well, it is not. Just as in Badland, we manufacture mattresses with two different faces, one for summer and one for winter (you can see them in our Super Guide to buying mattresses), our clothes have to adapt to the ambient temperature of our body. For this reason, light clothing in summer and something warmer in winter will help us to be comfortable and, as a consequence, to sleep better.

In addition to the temperature, the fabric must also be suitable and the most comfortable for our body.

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