The Right Way To Maximum Clean Carpet & Free From Damage

The carpet is one of the household elements that keep you from the cold floor of your home. Whether it’s watching television, sitting with family, or as a base in the bedroom. The carpet is one of the multifunctional furniture; apart from being a sitting mat, the carpet is also useful for keeping the floor clean.

But how do you take care of a dirty carpet? From dust to drink stains that children accidentally spill in your house, of course almost all carpets must be paid close attention to so they don’t get damaged easily. In washing it, you shouldn’t be careless! Here are four surefire ways to keep the carpet or rug at home clean and free from damage.

Clean The Clinging Dust

Before starting the carpet washing process, the first thing that must be done is to clean the dust that has stuck to the carpet, be it fine dust or dust that has accumulated. If you have a vacuum cleaner/vacuum cleaner machine, it is highly recommended to clean the dust with a vacuum cleaner. The reason is that when washing, dust does not mix with water.

Treat Wet & Dirty Stains Quickly

In the case of a “accident” on the carpet, such as a food or drink spill, it is also recommended that you handle the stain on the carpet correctly and quickly. Let’s say that your favorite carpet accidentally spills coffee liquid or gets stubborn stains such as curry sauce and so on.

Now, when this happens, don’t delay cleaning the carpet for hours because the stain will already dry and soak into the carpet. Immediately do the treatment right away to clean the stain. Also, avoid using bleach too often to clean carpets as this can damage them.

Use The Right Power of a Vacuum  Cleaner

Ordinary people usually set the maximum vacuum power with the assumption that the machine will suck up all the existing dust to the maximum as well. In fact, it’s not! Each carpet needs its own care; some must use moderate force; some must not even use a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, know and get to know your carpet type first before choosing to use a vacuum cleaner.

Take it to the laundry with carpet washing special tools

If you don’t want to bother with the process, you can take the carpet to the nearest laundry. Choose a laundry that uses a special machine to clean carpets. Some large laundromats have their own carpet washing equipment, others pass it back to a rug wash.

Well, you don’t need to bother; you can protect your favorite carpet from dirt and damage by choosing  an experienced carpet cleaning service. Your carpet will also get proper handling from experienced experts. So what are you waiting for? Immediately contact Premier Janitorial Services to get the best professional carpet cleaning services at affordable prices!. They have served a large number of satisfied customers in Gig Harbor.

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