Seven tips for optimizing your Facebook page


Optimizing your Facebook page isn’t just for big companies. It is accessible to everyone and essential for any project leader.

Many entrepreneurs get started on Facebook without exploiting the full potential of this network. Free Facebook pages allow you to share your news, products, events, photos, videos… with your community. Improving your Facebook page is a great opportunity to find customers on Facebook. It will be able to rise further in the search results naturally.

Beyond your page’s performance, Facebook’s algorithm will check if you are a serious brand, which uses all the features offered by the platform. There aren’t that many, but you have to optimize them to have better visibility. It is also a great way to build loyalty and improve engagement on Facebook.

Here are the best practices we recommend to optimize its Facebook page:

  1. Choice of a page type
  2. Choice of profile and cover photo
  3. About section
  4. Vanity URL
  5. Linking your Facebook page to your website
  6. Call to action
  7. Classify your tabs

1.     Choice of the type of Facebook page

The choice of the type of page is made when creating this one. This is the first step in starting to interact with your community. To do this, go to the “Browse” section on the left of your Facebook newsfeed, then click on “Page”.

It is a simple step, but one that should not be taken lightly because it is the basis of your activity choice. Afterward, you’ll not be able to alter! Logically, the choice is quite obvious.

There is only a small confusion between 2 types of activity: Company and Brand. It is not very clear from Facebook, as they are quite close. If you have a local business and it is important to display your address, choose “Company”.

If not, select “Brand or product”. If we take the case, the address is important because we invite the students to come to school during the Workshop. We, therefore, chose “Company”.

This step allows Facebook to understand your activity, which will impact how it will rank your page and the features you will have access to.

Then, Facebook will ask you to put your page in a category. If you have any doubts about two types of categories, be aware that you will later have the option of selecting several others. You have to choose one to start with. Take the one that seems most obvious to you. We, therefore, choose the “Retail” category. Then, you have to click on start, and presto, your page is created.

So far, nothing complicated, many of you have already been there! This is the first step to optimize your Facebook page.

2.    Choice of profile and cover photo

Once your Facebook page is created, the first thing to do is add a photo. Facebook advises favoring a square format with a resolution of 180 by 180. It is the perfect place to put your company logo or head if you are trying to develop your brand.

Then comes the blanket. This is often misused. We advise you to bet on authenticity, the story you want to tell through your brand because it’s the cover photo is key to optimize your Facebook page.

Try to match your profile photo with your cover photo as much as possible. Users must say to themselves, “Ah, I recognize the style of Pandolux! “. Since June 2017, it is also possible to put a video on the cover. We have also opted for this feature on Facebook.

This video shows the backstage behind the scenes of school. If you also opt for video, be aware that it should last between 20 and 90 seconds and that the resolution should be  820 by 312  (minimum).

You choose!

3.    The about section

After the graphic optimization of its Facebook page comes the textual aspect. Go to the “about” section. This feature is very important.

It allows you to keep Facebook informed about the heart of your activity! Facebook will use your text to help you be found in user search results. As I said just above, you can go up to 3 categories for your page to have more visibility. For Pandolux, we can, for example, add “Product” and “Jewelry”.

There are many other interesting elements to fill in which are often forgotten but useful for optimizing your Facebook page:

  • Enter a phone number and email address to build trust
  • Put the link of your site to generate traffic
  • Add rewards, products (e-commerce), menus (restaurants) …
  • Add members of your team to solidify this bond of trust (to be updated)
  • Mention the date of creation of your activity

Then comes the description of your mission. Explain what you do and what you want to bring to people. This is what will allow Facebook to understand your business. Before completing your mission, take a few minutes to think about the keywords you want to rank.

Use keywords specific to your niche to rank well in search results. To find these keywords, there is a cool tool called Keyword Tool. It will generate all the keywords associated with your universe that Internet users type in the search bar.

Not all keywords will interest you. Sort through and select the ones that seem most relevant to your business. Choose something very short and impactful (255 characters maximum).

Once your description is done, go to the “story” part. Facebook added a new feature to be able to write a longer story. You now have access to a dedicated space where you can share what matters most to you. Now is the time to be authentic and display the values ​​you stand for.

You can make changes at any time, add photos, create lists. It is even possible to include a cover photo! This description exercise is subtle because you have to combine targeted keywords for more classic SEO while telling your own story using storytelling. The user can click on “show more” to see all of the “story” content.

By expanding your “about” section, you create trust with your community by providing all the necessary information. Facebook makes your page more visible to your target audience! Do not neglect it. It is essential to optimize your Facebook page.

4. The “Vanity URL.”

Behind this high-sounding name is simply the URL of your Facebook page. Rather than having a series of numbers or random characters, it is possible to have a much more aesthetic, simple, and memorable URL: the name of your activity or company.

To configure this, go to “account name” and create your URL. Thus, the URL of your page will be much more infectious (on a business card). Be careful, and it is irreversible! Once validated, you will not be able to change it. If the URL you want is no longer available, use keywords close to your brand.

5. Link your Facebook page to your website

Your Facebook page statistics may be displayed when you type in your company name or brand on Google. How to do it? The single best way to increase traffic to your blog is to include the Facebook button in the header of your blog.

Make sure that all your web pages have a link that goes to your Facebook page. This will naturally go up in Google. The idea is for Google to link your Facebook page to your site with confidence.=

6. The call to action

The call to action is a feature that few pages use. Yet it is very interesting!  Depending on your page’s nature (and your activity), you can customize this button and trigger the action you want.

For example :

  • Trigger a reservation if you are a restaurant
  • Send a quote request, if you are a plumbing company
  • Return to the store if you are e-commerce like Pandolux
  • Download a mobile application

There are many possibilities! Browse the menu and choose the most consistent option to optimize your Facebook page.

7. Classify its tabs

Last element, the tabs! They allow you to further personalize your page and display whatever you want on it.  This is what you see just to the left of your Facebook page (home, about, reviews, publications, photos, events…).

You can add, remove, or rearrange. If you are a freelance wedding photographer, put your photos and videos first. If you have a Facebook group that brings together members of your community, you can add it as well. If you are an e-commerce, you can add the store tab where to display your products.

If you write articles, you can make them appear with the “Articles” tab. You have understood the principle.  These tabs allow you to improve your Facebook page by making it different from the ones that exist by default. They can be configured very easily from Settings -> Templates and tabs.

You have to organize everything as you wish. An exercise to optimize your Facebook page Optimizing your Facebook page is an excellent lever for traffic to your site and a very good way to stand out from your competitors. Your site, your Facebook page is your showcase on the Internet, and Social Media Managers are well aware of this.

 Therefore, I suggest that you optimize your page based on all the advice I have given you or let us help make your company social! Web Development Services company can maximize your social presence and help build your brand, online reputation AND build a community around your service or product. We concentrated primarily on quality work and devoted ourselves to providing you with our eminence and distinctive work with observable and valuable performance. We are inexpensive and competent in digital media & social media marketing in pakistan.

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