How works Wix CMS for the creation of a website.

You want to start creating a website , very quickly you will be faced with the choice of the tool to use for the design. Whether it is for a need for a showcase site, an e-commerce website, very quickly several CMS are at your disposal. Acquiring a paid website or going through a free platform, during your research, there is a good chance that you will come across Wix. The Wix CMS stands out today as one of the solutions for creating simple websites. In this article, find the essentials of what you need to know about the Wix environment , its advantages and disadvantages. Our responsible web design company communication.

The WIX environment for website creation

Wix stands out as a proprietary and hosted Content Management System (CMS) platform. This means that for people who want to create their websites, there is a subscription offer which includes access to the site administration interface and its hosting which allows your site to be online. Wix has been around since 2006 and, over time, has established itself as one of the solutions for website creation and hosting . Fairly easy to use and offering several free themes, the platform is intended as a facilitator for the business owner who would like to create his own website.

It is important to understand that unlike other CMS, the site does not belong to you . The content you produce is yours and yours, but the ‘shell’ if you can call it that goes to the designers. You never own your own website .

The advantages of the WIX platform for web creation

Before getting to the heart of the matter, it is important to know the two types of offers offered by the platform. A standard offer and a premium offer. Users registered in Premium mode have assistance by email and telephone in the creation and maintenance of website.

Flexibility and functionality

Wix has themes and applications which are coded by the developers of the house, which gives them great reliability. The quality offered is optimal and the risk associated with a malfunction considered very low. Again, the functionality offered by Wix is ​​not yours and the platform reserves the right to change its service policy at any time.

The care of

Wix’s interface is one of the simplest in terms of offering from CMS. The editor is easy to learn with the block move options, which is a plus for people new to web development. No need for CSS coding concepts like with some CMS. Wix acts as a document builder such as the Canva or Powerpoint graphics platform of the Office suite.

The negative points of WIX for the creation of your website

One of the first limits assigned to Wix is ​​in the number of plugins, themes and applications. These are much less numerous than other CMS, the functionality of your website is limited . There are then nearly 260 applications and 510 themes against several tens of thousands in the competition. The only guarantee remains at the level of quality. We pointed out the fact that in the package everything was included between hosting and creating the site, only, for all the applications that you want to add to your site, you have to pay . Wix has a catalog that lets you choose free or paid features for your website. Customizing it can quickly get expensive. while it does not belong to you!

Some communication agencies reveal serious SEO problems . Although the Wix platform is constantly evolving, the quality of its SEO is one of its limits. While other CMSs allow digital professionals to optimize the SEO of a website, the practice is more complex on the Wix platform.

Customization of interfaces is a limitation at Wix, although they are among the easiest to use on the market. In terms of functionality, Wix is ​​less rich, there are not enough features and themes. Here is in a few words what we can remember from the Wix CMS.

For the implementation of a communication strategy, it is always preferable to opt for support by a professional . Communication agencies have the knowledge and know-how to promote your business. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information !

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