How to start a manicure business

Are you thinking of starting a business? Are you passionate about manicure, creativity and also, do you have a slight knowledge of tshe subject? A nail salon is a perfect startup idea to start from home, as it is a highly sought after service and the industry has been on an upward trend over the past decade.

Home nail salons are very popular these days, as specialty venues are too busy to attend. If you have the knowledge to professionally fix nails, starting a nail business and creating a nail salon business plan  will be your best option. This service methodology can be to go to your home or allocate some space in your home to do so, although it is usual to start with addresses, at least while you make yourself known.

What do you need to start a business with a nail salon

Starting a nail salon from home or at home is a business idea that requires very little money to start. These are the steps you must follow to achieve it:

  • Learn manicure and become a certified manicurist;
  • get experience and create a product portfolio on social media;
  • focus on a niche;
  • it has all the health and safety requirements to offer the service;
  • apply all health and safety regulations;
  • put a price on your services, and
  • promote your business.

Step # 1: Learn manicure and get certified

The importance of learning manicures and getting certified is that you understand the importance of taking care of your fingernails and toenails. Currently, at Aprende Institute you have a manicure course that will provide you with the skills, tools and knowledge necessary to treat your clients professionally, and you can also finish in three months, even if you don’t know anything about it. In some states of the United States, it is common for licenses to be required to offer the service , so it is important that you constantly increase your knowledge and provide quality care in each case.

Step # 2: Get experience and practice

Working with your hands and feet requires you to have the ability to be developed through constant practise and experiences. After becoming certified manicurist, maintaining on your knowledge is obligatory. You would get other skills and experience that you could not get from any other source.

To consolidate your experience, consider making a portfolio that has the skills developed throughout your career, this will help you promote your work when you start your company. If you do not consider the option of working in a salon, you can rely on friends to get a better idea of ​​what the needs of people are when caring for their hands.

Step # 3: Find your business niche

While you gain experience and polish your knowledge, research the competition in your area, identify what the service they provide is like, how they do it and at what price they sell it. Then find a strategy to stand out from the rest and thus attract more customers. Some businesses focus on nail types, personalized service, event care, and other types of businesses that you can specialize in to provide greater benefits. 

Step # 4: If you think it is time, legalize your business

Cities will provide new industries with financing when the ventures they support have potential for profitability in the near future. To facilitate one’s operation at home, determine if you can operate independently. You need to learn about the ins and outs of running a business.

Step # 5: Identify the health rules to start your business

Although you learn the safety and hygiene rules in a manicure course, it never hurts to inform you about the regulations that are in place when providing customer service, especially now, in times of a health emergency.

As you know, by following health and safety regulations, you protect your customers and guarantee the quality of your business. Also remember that when starting your nail business you will be working with aggressive chemicals that must be used correctly, as they can be extremely harmful to the skin. In addition, it is important to ensure a cleaning protocol for tools and equipment to prevent the spread of contagious skin infections and diseases.

Step # 6: Define the value of your service before starting your business

Set the price of your service as a manicurist and of each of the packages you can offer, for this you can support yourself in your research in step # 3 and have as a guide the prices of nearby beauty salons.

Remember to establish these values ​​taking into account how you are offering the service, that is, the conditions in which you are developing it; For example, if you are at your client’s house, it does not mean that you should lower your prices a lot, but they must agree with the service provided.

– Equip yourself with all the products

It gathers all the necessary tools to provide a quality service, from nail polish and pads, to cuticle oil and everything that involves the service; These can be purchased at a much lower cost when you buy them in bulk, which ultimately increases your profit margin.

Step # 7: Promote your business before opening

Once you are ready to receive your clients, you must promote your business. Currently there are various tools and strategies that will allow you to reach many people through digital marketing and social networks. For this reason, creating your portfolio is an ideal option each time to publicize your work. 

Step # 8: Team up with other professionals

Partnering with other manicurists is a great idea to give your business another boost. A beauty salon with services such as makeup, image consulting, haircuts and manicures, will allow you to offer complete beauty services, which can be especially attractive for the holidays.

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