The road trip is a particularly interesting way to travel. You pass through different regions; you discover traditions and landscapes that change as you go along. But it is also an option that has its limits.

Choose the vehicle adapted to the country visited

The van is ideal for families since the space within the passenger compartment offers you the possibility of cooking, sleeping … in short, living in your vehicle. The downside is that vans aren’t cut out for rough roads.

The minivan is a solution intended for group travelers (family, friends, etc.) looking for a sufficiently spacious car for both passengers and luggage. The prices are rather affordable, but beware of road conditions: this is not the ideal vehicle for venturing into natural spaces.

The motorhome offers even more space for greater autonomy and comfort throughout the journey. The problem is that it is not easy to get around town with such a vehicle, and it is imperative to find suitable places to park.

The 4 × 4 is an excellent option for driving on all types of terrain and pushing the adventure to the max. However, if you go through a vehicle rental agency, you will find that off-roaders are the most expensive. The SUV is a more economical alternative.

Travel time

It is possible to cover several hundred kilometers a day, but it also means that you will be spend a lot of time in the car, which can be exhausting.

Plan your route well by noting the places where you can stop because, depending on the country and region, two inhabited areas are separated by several hours of driving. Also, plan activities, especially for children who will not necessarily go into ecstasies all the time in front of the landscape.

Lack of comfort

This is one of the main disadvantages of the road trip since you have to adapt to the constraints imposed by the environment, weather conditions, budget…. You will spend your nights in tents, motels, or even in hostels, but not in the most comfortable hotels. We must also be prepared to run out of infrastructure that lends itself to impeccable hygiene. Yes, you can do your daily toilet but limit yourself to what is strictly necessary.

This mode of travel is not relaxing, and you have to deal with the unforeseen

If you are a fan of relaxation and detailed tours, a road trip is probably not the best way to travel. The assembly/disassembly of the tents is quite time-consuming. Also, you can’t dwell too much at the risk of not reaching the next step on time. Of course, you can still stay in one place for 2 or 3 days depending on your schedule.

The unforeseen is part of the negative aspects of the road trip. It could be a breakdown in the middle of nowhere, an error at a fork, bad weather that complicates your progress, you never know what can happen. Better to be positive and tell yourself that this is all part of the adventure!

In the end, every disadvantage can be positive if you have an adventurous spirit. In the event that you fear the unknown and fear that you are not always in control, it is better to choose another type of trip.

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