Top 4 advantages and disadvantages of social networks

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin … There are a multitude of social networks, both for business people and for other people. The channels have various purposes, purposes and are heavily used by different segments and groups of audience.

This technological revolution , which has been in everyone’s lives for the last half century, will continue to expand and capture much of their free time . Below, we can analyze what are the most important advantages and disadvantages of social networks and then conclude the desire of everyone to live more in the virtual world than in the real world.


1. Global connectivity

These portals allow you to stay in touch with family and friends, with whom for various reasons no correspondence has been made for some time. Thus, there is a sure way to be closer to loved ones, although distance intervenes in relationships.

2. Virtual groups

Groups of this type will always be a sure source to provide either information on everyday issues or to share opinions with other people on various topics. The forums on Google have been disrupted.

3. Additional information

Social networks can help people find knowledge about current topics. It is now much easier to find other sources of information than the old sites offered by search engines.

4. A democratic environment

Although social networks have imposed strict rules of operation, each user can manage their account at will, as long as they do not violate the rules. Within the social networks you can upload information of any kind, photos with different content, announcements and opinions about the most controversial topics in everyday life.


1. Intimacy

This is definitely the first concern of the potential user before creating an account. As long as a person’s basic information is available to everyone, the user thus loses the confidentiality of his personal data.

2. Less personal contact

Being an extremely convenient communication environment and available on all technological devices, users tend to use it at full capacity. They thus forget to use the skills they were endowed with: verbal communication.

3. Decreased self-confidence

The number of appreciations received for the uploaded photos tends to be believed to have a close connection with the user’s self-confidence. Specifically, the more appreciation the user has for the photos, the more popular it is. If the action is not performed, then the user begins to lose self-confidence and thus may become depressed. This perception is a false one and not at all in accordance with the true opinion of the people about that person.

4. False information

Whether it refers to the reports that some users pass on to their profiles or whether it is about the information circulating online, the false content is extremely present and promoted, and the disadvantage is that it cannot be verified.

Although social media marketing agency can help improve social life, it is advisable to always have a balance between online and real interaction. What do you think about the advantages and disadvantages of a virtual communication?

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