What you need to know for a successful car rental

Today, more and more car rental agencies are invading our stations, our city centers, our airports and of course the web. Difficult to navigate among so many offers! Your choice can quickly turn into a dilemma between the heavyweights of car rental and small independent agencies. You haven’t taken the plunge yet, or are you reluctant after having experienced a mishap with a rental car? No worries: we give you all the weapons you need to click “Reserve” with confidence.

“Is this a good price? What are the conditions of a rental? What can I do and where can I go with a rental car? »… Do these questions run through your head? Here is an article that summarizes all the things you need to know for a successful car rental!

Online for more benefits

If you are traveling by air for your vacation, you are almost always offered to add a rental car in addition to a hotel when you book your plane ticket online. Online car rental offers a few advantages. First of all, if you make this reservation at the same time as purchasing your plane ticket, you will surely enjoy a discount. It is also online that you will find the best low-cost agencies! Booking a rental car online also ensures that the vehicle you want will be available when you need it, whether it’s upon arrival at the airport, at a train station, or in the center of a city.

Another significant advantage is that online reservations can often be canceled unconditionally and free of charge, sometimes up to 24 hours before the withdrawal! Therefore, you do not commit to anything by reserving your vehicle well in advance, just to take advantage of low prices. Finally, online, as in a physical agency, you are, of course, free to add or remove options at your convenience.

What price for a rental car?

Today, the price of a car rental can be below 8$ per day in a discount agency for a small economy city car. But beware, because behind this very attractive price sometimes hides a limited mileage and a high deductible!. The category of the vehicle and its comfort naturally affect the price of a rental.

With or without insurance?

First of all, know that from the moment you rent a car in Islamabad, you are insured! Car rental includes third-party insurance, theft insurance, and comprehensive insurance. So why are we systematically offered additional insurance? It’s very simple: deductibles that are sometimes very high!

The car rental deductible is the part of the damage not guaranteed by the insurer. It is therefore the amount remaining at your expense when the damage to the vehicle is covered by the insurance, and you are responsible for the loss. The amount of the excess is indicated in the rental contract. Depending on the amount shown, it’s up to you whether to take this risk or not.

Additional insurance will allow you to reduce the amount or even cancel the deductible. This insurance is by no means compulsory; it is up to you to do your calculations. You will surely notice a slight insistence on the part of your rental company: he receives a commission for each insurance sold, so don’t be surprised. Insurance also allows you to not have to pay the deposit. Without insurance, you won’t cut it. Hence the need to ensure that you have the necessary funds in your bank account.

The vocabulary of car rental

Without a bad pun, it can be confusing to read car rental contracts. To avoid pitfalls and misunderstandings, here are a few things to know:

Main driver: The main driver is the one who rents the car and is responsible for it. Please note: any additional driver must have been mentioned and recorded in advance with your rental company.

Deductible: this is the maximum amount payable by you in the event of an accident. To put it simply, in the event of a claim, if the amount of repairs is less than the amount of the deductible, this amount is your responsibility! If the amount of repairs is higher, you will pay the deductible amount, and the rest will be taken care of by the insurance.

Inventory: before getting behind the wheel of your rental car, check the condition of the vehicle and the report that is presented to you. A comparative inventory will be made when the vehicle is returned.

Act of negligence: Acts of negligence can cost you dearly. Was the vehicle stolen because you lost the keys? Did you lock yourself outside the car? Did you put the wrong fuel in the tank? Be careful because in these cases, you will be liable for the deductible, and the insurance will pay absolutely no costs.

Redemption and reimbursement of the franchise: they are not the same thing! By completely redeeming your excess, you will no longer have to pay it in the event of an incident. It is more expensive than a refund of the deductible. This is done by an external service provider upon complaint.

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