My three disadvantages of solo travel

Even though I also travel with a group of friends or as a couple, going alone is still my favorite way to travel. It offers many advantages and unfortunately also some disadvantages. So far, I’ve never been away alone for more than two weeks, so I haven’t been able to experience all aspects of solo travel. Here are the various drawbacks that I have noticed:

Much more preparation

It all depends on how you travel. Personally, I like to plan in advance where I will sleep and even my activities. I stay in one place for a short time and cannot afford to waste time there. You can’t rely on anyone else to find the flight, where to stay, and all the things to see and do. Even more so when you never rent a vehicle on-site like me. It is, therefore, necessary to find public transport to get around or group excursions. The location of the accommodation then becomes crucial. For example,  I stayed in a hotel located between the ultra touristic area with the beach and the city center from where all the buses leave. So I could walk to both the beach and transport for the whole island in 30 minutes.

One solution to having almost nothing to prepare while being alone is to book an organized tour. This type of trip has really nothing to do, there are neither the disadvantages nor the advantages of a solo trip.

No one to watch your business

You always have to be alert with your belongings, especially at the beach. I spend whole hours diving with my mask and snorkel while my things sit on the sand. I always take as little as possible with me: my towel, my book or playbook, my mask and snorkel, sunscreen, and more rarely a little money or my laptop. For the moment, I have never had a problem, but it remains a small source of concern during my trip underwater. Also, watch out for the rising tide when going underwater for a long time!

A higher blow

No problem for the plane or train ticket, which will always (with exceptions) be at the same price, but other items of expenditure depend on the number of participants. The best known and essential is accommodation. When you book a ticket through a travel agency, you have the surprise of the supplement for single people. The more people there are, the less expensive accommodation is. We can also mention the transport with the rental car or the taxi.

Better to choose a destination where the accommodation is the cheapest (You can find the cheapest accommodation through online apps, they will tell you about the room availability in the area with the prices, this will help you to take your decision.)

For transport, prefer public transport, two-wheelers or walking. It is also possible to book a place for group excursions.

And you, what disadvantages have you noticed when traveling alone?

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