What is the effect of a clean workplace on the productivity of your employees?

Corona update – More than ever, it is important to keep the workplaces of yourself and your employees clean. The developments surrounding COVID-19 have made us aware of the importance of good hygiene. A tidy environment looks fresh, professional, and welcoming. In addition, a clean workplace prevents the spread of bacteria and germs on keyboards, computer mice, and other utensils. Your guests feel welcome, and your employees perform better. This article discusses the effect of a clean workplace on your employees’ productivity and gives you some important tips about the coronavirus.

The importance of a clean work environment

A clean working environment makes people feel better about themselves. And satisfied employees are generally a lot more productive. The influence of a clean workplace, therefore, goes a lot further than you may initially think.

A clean workplace prevents absenteeism

Desks, keyboards, appliances, carpets, and office furniture can be a source of bacteria and pathogens. In addition, employees spend much of their time together in a room, which makes  it easy for flu and cold viruses to spread. Sick leave is very expensive for you as an employer and annoying for your employees. Absenteeism can also have a negative effect on employees who do not become ill and who have to take over the work of colleagues. In the worst case, projects come to a complete standstill, and customers have to wait longer for a response, solution, or product. This leads to lower productivity. It is therefore certainly worthwhile to provide your and your employee’s working environment with hygiene.

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How do you keep the workplaces clean and safe?

It can be quite a task to keep the workplaces of yourself and your employees clean. You can hire a  cleaning company that knows exactly how to guarantee good hygiene. In order to keep the workplaces safe and clean, even in times of COVID-19, you must ensure, among other things, sufficient ventilation, options for a disinfectant for all employees, and regular cleaning of all workplaces utensils, canteens, or kitchens. You can also choose to have your employees clean their own workplace at the end of each working day, but this way, you are not assured that they all do this. With a  cleaning company, you can be sure that all workplaces are cleaned the way you want.

What does a clean workplace do to productivity?

In addition to naturally preventing the spread of disease, a tidy, well-organized, and clean workplace ensures less stress for your employees. A clean workplace gives a sense of overview and peace of mind; they also work more pleasantly when we know exactly where to find everything. So productivity is higher. A  clean desk policy contributes to this. Therefore, ask your employees to leave their workplace tidy at the end of the day. This makes tidying up a good habit, and a  cleaning company can do an even better job in this way. So a win-win situation.

Better collaboration in a clean environment

The working environment has a major influence on the working atmosphere and collegiality. Research has shown that we feel less comfortable in a messy – or unhygienic – environment. This also makes us behave less socially. The team spirit is, therefore, a lot better in a  clean working environment. In addition, fewer mistakes and mistakes are made if the workplace is tidy and well-arranged. This results in less irritation, and colleagues work better together. People are more likely to work with someone who comes across as well-organized and professional. This feeling is stimulated with a clean and tidy work environment.

Outsource the cleaning to a professional cleaning company

A clean working environment is therefore important for the productivity of your employees for several reasons and therefore essential for the proper functioning of your company. In addition, it is very important that you can guarantee the health of your employees and workplaces nowadays have to meet strict standards.

You and your team can do a lot yourself, such as cleaning up the desks at the end of the day, not leaving the dirty coffee cups standing, and putting down enough trash cans. For the cleaning and disinfection work, it is in most cases advisable to outsource this to a  professional cleaning company. This way, you and your employees can focus on the really important things to your company and customers.

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