Develop a four-step house cleaning schedule

We take pride in our homes, a clean and tidy home reflects the nature of its owner, and we don’t mind being judged solely by the condition of our homes. How do we set an easy and quick cleaning schedule that ensures that we keep the house clean and tidy? A cleaning checklist helps keep the home clean and tidy. Here are some tips that you can follow to set your cleaning schedule in four steps:

The task of cleaning the house is the duty of all family members, and to encourage your children and husband to participate, put the cleaning schedule in a prominent place in the house so that everyone can see it, for example, on the refrigerator – this serves as a visual reminder – and you can use bright colored sticky notes to emphasize this Duty or put the Multi-Purpose Spray in a prominent place in the kitchen.

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1. Set a realistic cleaning schedule:

  • Often unrealistic plans to keep the house tidy and the occurrence of one or two disasters in cleaning a room in the house are obstacles in achieving this.
  • Therefore, before setting a cleaning schedule, we advise you to think about your actual ability to implement the plans written on paper and adjust your expectations accordingly.
  • Choose the times of the week when you are most energized and have free time to clean.
  • If a family member lives with you, set the cleaning tasks for one person and for everyone to do in turns, but again we advise you to be realistic about your expectations about your partner’s participation in the cleaning process.

2. Divide the cleaning tasks on the schedule between “big” and “small”:

We recommend making two or three to-do lists or schedules depending on their size and frequency: you can list “big” cleaning tasks that you only need to do twice a year into one schedule; Like cleaning the area behind the oven and inside drawers, for example. You can include intermediate tasks, such as sorting or disinfecting the refrigerator, in your “weekly” housecleaning schedule. “Small” tasks, such as cleaning the kitchen floor and mopping the surfaces in the kitchen, can be included in the “daily” schedule of kitchen cleaning tasks.

3. Classify your home cleaning schedule by type or area:

Keep in mind the need to clean the various areas of your home periodically, according to the size of the house; You can clean the first floor the first week and the second floor the following week. Or you can categorize cleaning tasks by room type; You clean all the bathrooms in the house one day, then vacuum all the rugs and dust off tables and bookshelves on another.

4. Leverage technology to set a cleaning schedule:

The Internet not only contains a wealth of information on the best and most efficient ways to clean your home but also offers suggestions for sample cleaning schedules and free, printable audit checklists to help you get started. There are also apps that provide you with a list of daily cleaning tasks, so you don’t have to worry about what to do.

Other apps let you share cleaning checklists and schedules with your friends and family, so everyone knows what they’re doing every day! So, thanks to teamwork and organization, you can easily keep your home clean at its best

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