The easiest way to clean windows

Many women face trouble and difficulty in cleaning windows because it is a place that facilitates the accumulation of dirt and dust because it is considered as a passage for the outside air, so it is exposed to all kinds of weather, and climatic changes, such as rain, wind, dust, and snow, so many women are looking for easy ways and different tips Through it, the windows can be cleaned to become shiny and clean, because the usual methods for cleaning them do not provide the required gloss and cleanliness, and the products in the market are numerous and vary at prices that can be high and do not lead to a satisfactory result sometimes, so we will mention in this article a group of easy ways to clean windows in-home, at the lowest possible prices, step by step.

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Window cleaning steps

There are a set of instructions and steps that must be followed to clean windows, including the following:

  • Choose the right day and time, preferably a dry and cloudy day, so that the sun will dry the cleaning materials before you finish, causing a matte look.
  • Remove dust from the window before starting to clean to ensure that mud does not form during work, which makes it difficult to clean.
  • It is necessary to choose the appropriate and practical cleaning materials tools, as we need a set of cleaning tools, including a soft, lint-free cloth for drying and polishing, water, preferably distilled water free of salts, and newspaper that we do not need to use for drying and glass can be polished with it, as it has the ability to High on polishing windows and not leaving any trace behind its use, and a liquid to clean windows can be made from ingredients found in the home.
  • Preparing the cleaning solution, as a solution can be made from the ingredients at home, by mixing two cups of water with a quarter cup of alcohol at a concentration of 70% with half a cup of white vinegar, then pouring it into a spray can, and using it to clean the glass.
  • After the glass is completely clean and shiny, we move on to cleaning the edges of the windows by cleaning them with a cleaning solution and a clean cloth, and a type of brush can also be used to clean the hard-to-reach edges.

How often are windows cleaned during the year

The frequency of cleaning windows in the house depends a lot on the location of the house, the amount of dust and dirt exposed to the windows, and in general, homeowners or renters clean the windows approximately once a year, but it is preferable to clean the windows in the house twice a year, and some houses may need a number of More than this, as we mentioned earlier, it depends on many factors, including the location of the house.

The benefit of keeping windows sparkling clean

There are many benefits that result from keeping the windows of the house clean, including the following:

  • The cleanliness of the windows prevents the accumulation of dust on them. Hence, the vision remains clear through the glass, in addition to allowing natural light and sunlight to enter the parts of the house. Also, the accumulated dirt reduces the window’s life because it changes the color of the natural glass with its accumulation for a long time. In the event of inability to clean the windows, specialized experts should also be used to clean the windows of the house, as this may save time, and ensure that the windows are cleaned with high-quality materials, and maybe safer, because some windows may be very high, and specialists have the appropriate equipment to access them, unlike housewives.

Remove bird droppings from windows

The problem of the accumulation of bird excrement on the windows is a troublesome problem, especially if it is left for a long time without cleaning; As you will need more effort to get rid of them, and in order to clean them there are certain ways, including the following:

It is preferable to clean the waste daily if it is present for easy disposal and to prevent its accumulation.

In the event of a delay in cleaning it, the area containing bird feces should be soaked with a sponge filled with lukewarm water in order to soften the droppings and facilitate the disposal process.

After making sure the droppings are softened, rub them with a sponge filled with warm, soapy water.

A squeegee can be used to gently wipe the window.

window sieve cleaning

It is also important to clean the window sieve because it is the filter for the air that enters the house. It can be cleaned through the use of a vacuum cleaner, as the vacuum cleaner pulls the dust. A sponge filled with soap and water is used, and the sieve is cleaned from top to bottom, then the process is repeated to make sure every clean Part of the sieve, and with a wet cloth, wipe the sieve from the traces of soap, and it should be noted that this method is one of the easiest methods used to clean the window sieve.

Window cleaning tips

These tips can help in cleaning windows properly, and they are as follows:

  • To ensure that no streaks form on the window glass, it is best to wipe it from top to bottom.
  • It is best to clean the windows on a dry cloudy day because the sun’s rays cause the cleaning fluid to dry before wiping and make the glass matte.
  • Cotton swabs used to clean the ears are one of the best tools for cleaning corner nets.
  • Old clothes can be used to clean windows due to the lack of lint in them, and they are inexpensive, so instead of getting rid of old clothes, they can be used and save money.
  • It is preferable to make a cleaning solution for windows at home from alcohol, vinegar, and water, not only to save money but because it is the best solution to ensure the gloss of the glass and prevent germs and insects from approaching the windows.
  • Newspapers can be used to clean the windows of the house, as they are effective for cleaning, but the problem is that they may leave traces on the hands, but if the person does not see that the clothes or fabrics are unsatisfactory, newspapers can be used to clean the windows.
  • Be careful to prevent various cleaning fluids from reaching the wooden areas of the windows because they will damage them. Therefore, a small piece of cloth can be placed on the edges of the windows during work to absorb drops of liquids that descend during work.

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